Am I permitted to operate a business from my home?
Possibly. A Home Occupation or home-based business will likely require a Conditional Use Permit which, when granted, authorizes a particular use within a particular residence. This use must be secondary to the use of a dwelling for residential purposes. A conditional use request must be considered by the City Planning Commission and approved by City Council before a permit is issued. This process includes notification of adjacent property owners and a scheduled public hearing. A Home Office of Convenience does not typically require a Conditional Use Permit.

Home Occupation: Means a conditionally permitted use complying with the provisions of the Zoning Code and conducted by members of a resident family wholly within a dwelling.

Home Office of Convenience: Means a use located within a residence for the purpose of sending and receiving communications, maintaining records, and other similar functions, but where no business is conducted other than by phone, mail, or electronically, and no persons are employed on the site other than the occupants of the residence.

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