Voting Information

Voting in the City of Twinsburg is overseen by the Summit County Board of Elections.  

Summit County Board of Elections
470 Grant St. 
Akron, OH 44311 
Telephone: (330) 643-5200

Absentee Application:
An Absentee Voter Application by mail must be received by your county board of elections by noon on the third day before the election.

Where is my polling location?

Absentee Ballots
The deadline to request an absentee ballot is three days before the election.  All info can be found here:

How can I track my absentee ballot?

Early voting hours for Summit County Board of Elections

Campaign Signs


   (f)   Political Signs.  Political signs shall be permitted in all zoning districts and shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area per sign.  Not more than one (1) sign per issue(s) or candidate on any single lot or building may be placed.  Political Signs may be placed seven (7) days prior to the first date that votes may be cast on, and must be removed within five (5) days after any primary, general or special election.  No political sign shall be located with any public right of way or on any other public property.  Any political sign placed within the public right of way or on public property may be removed and destroyed, without notice by the Building Commissioner or his agent.  (Ord. 119-2010.  Passed 11-23-10.)

Call 330-963-6270 with any questions