Police Department

Chief’s Message

Since 1955, the men and women of Twinsburg Police Department have proudly served the residents of our community while maintaining our reputation as one of the premiere law enforcement agencies in the State of Ohio. Our pledge is that we will provide quality, professional policing services for our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email or by calling 330-963-6276.

Organizational Values

We acknowledge that the foundation of the Twinsburg Police Department is built on these 7 ethical values and that we will exemplify them as professional law enforcement personnel who serve the City of Twinsburg:


We believe that honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, and loyalty are at the core of our profession and that trustworthiness is essential not only in our relationships with those we serve but with each other.


We recognize and honor each person's rights to autonomy and self-determination, privacy and dignity, and our moral duty to treat all persons with respect.


Accountability, self-restraint, and the pursuit of excellence are the 3 pillars of responsibility, and we accept that the embodiment of this value begins with the individual.


As law enforcement professionals, we are charged with providing equal and consistent service to all persons.


Our concern is not only for the welfare of those we serve but of those we serve with.


We acknowledge that we have a civic duty that extends beyond our own self-interests and recognize our obligation to contribute to the overall public good.

Rational Judgment

We are law enforcement professionals who will utilize our education, training, experience, contacts, and common sense to make decisions that will better our community, our agency, each other, and ourselves.