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Posted on: August 25, 2022

IGS Energy Selected as Natural Gas Provider

IGS Energy Selected as Natural Gas Provider     To help reduce costs for residents, the City of Twin

IGS Energy Selected as Natural Gas Provider


To help reduce costs for residents, the City of Twinsburg has entered into an agreement with IGS Energy to provide residents and small businesses with low-cost natural gas supply following a competitive bidding process. A $6.337/Mcf rate has been set for gas consumed for the October 2022 through September 2024 billing cycles. 


Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation Programs Frequently Asked Questions

(City of Twinsburg – August 2022 Update)


Supplier: IGS Energy

Phone Number: 877-353-0162

Program Rate: $6.337/Mcf

Program Term: Oct 2022 - Sep 2024

Termination Fee: None


Who is the natural gas supplier for the City’s program?

IGS Energy won a competitive proposal process and will serve as our program’s supplier through September 2024. IGS Energy is certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and currently supplies customers and governmental aggregation programs across Ohio.

What is our new rate?

Our program offering is a 24-month fixed rate of $6.337/Mcf for your October 2022 through September 2024 meter readsThis rate compares favorably to offers residents can find on their own, and unlike many offers, our program has no penalty if you decide to leave early.

What are Governmental Natural Gas Aggregation Programs?

Governmental Aggregations allow an entire community, or groups of communities, to join together to form one large buying group. Once voters authorize an aggregation, elected officials are then permitted to shop for natural gas on behalf of their residents and small businesses.

What are the benefits of Gas Aggregation?

As a large buying group, residents participating in an Aggregation have more buying power. The aggregation is in a better position to negotiate favorable pricing and supply terms than what could ordinarily be achieved by any one individual resident.

What are the different types of Aggregations?

In Ohio there are two types of Aggregations. A community may conduct an “Opt-Out” program or an “Opt-In” program. With Opt-Out programs, each eligible resident is automatically enrolled in the program unless they notify the supplier that they DO NOT wish to participate. With Opt-In programs, each resident must notify the supplier to actively enroll in the program. Opt-Out Aggregations are the most common types of aggregation programs, because they result in higher participation that usually results in lower rates. The City of Twinsburg has an Opt-Out Aggregation Program.

What does a community need to do to become an Aggregator?

For starters, a community must obtain the approval of voters to form a natural gas aggregation program. Community leaders are then permitted to proceed through a series of steps to become certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as a Governmental Natural Gas Aggregator.

What are the key steps in an Opt-Out Aggregation?

With the assistance of a PUCO certified consultant, a community seeks bids from Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Providers. A qualified bidder is selected to supply the aggregation with its gas for a set period of time. An “Opt-out” notice is sent to each eligible community resident prior to the start of the aggregation. Each resident has 21 days from the postmarked date on the notice to contact the supplier to withdraw or “Opt-Out” of the program. After the 21-day period, any resident not opting out will be submitted to the utility company for enrollment in the program. The utility company will send notice of the pending enrollment to each participating resident. Each resident will then have 7 days to rescind their enrollment in the program by contacting the utility company. After the 7-day rescission period, all participating customers are officially enrolled in the program. The new supplier will appear on your natural gas bill within one to two billing cycles after enrollment is verified by the utility.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my natural gas service?

Dominion Energy Ohio (DEO) will continue to deliver your natural gas and maintain the pipeline system that brings it to your home or business. You will continue to call DEO 1-877-542-2630 for emergency repairs or gas leaks. For non-emergencies such as billing questions, service turn on or turn off, call 1-800-362-7557.

Will it cost me to join the program?

No. Enrollment in the program is free and you need not take any action. You only need to be eligible to participate. Please refer to the eligibility criteria shown below.

Who is eligible for the program?

1.    Your local utility company must be Dominion Energy Ohio;

2.    You must be a resident or business owner located within the City limits;

3.    You must not be a PIPP (percentage of income payment program) customer;

4.    You must not be in arrears on your bill payment; and

5.    You must not be a mercantile customer (natural gas commercial accounts using over 500 Mcf/year)

Does our community benefit from the program?

Yes. Our eligible community-owned facilities will be included in the program.

When does the new offer start?

Customer switching takes place when meters are read. Therefore, your start date will depend on when DEO reads your meter. Your service from IGS Energy is expected to begin with your October 2022 meter read.

How long is the program?

The community’s governmental aggregation program can go on indefinitely. This offer from IGS Energy is for 24 months and will end September 2024.

What if I don’t want to participate?

While most residents will remain in, and benefit from governmental aggregation programs, the choice is up to you. If you receive an opt-out letter and do not want to participate you will have 21 days in which to return a reply card to IGS Energy, or call them toll free at 1-877-353-0162. If you fail to do that, IGS Energy will enroll you as a new customer. Dominion will then acknowledge the enrollment and send you a confirmation letter reminding you of the pending switch. That letter will mention that you can cancel the switch by contacting DEO within 7 days.

Will I get two bills?

No. For your convenience, you will continue to receive only one bill from DEO. It will show DEO’s delivery charges and the supply charge amount owed to IGS Energy. DEO continues to read your meter, issue monthly bills and responds to all service calls.

Can I remain on budget billing?

Yes. If you are on budget billing, you will remain on budget billing. (Note: DEO calculates your monthly budget amount each month by summing your total delivered gas cost on a rolling 12- month basis and dividing that total by average monthly usage in the same 12-month period.)

Can I exit this program without penalty?

Yes. A very attractive feature of our program is your ability to leave free of charge at any time for any reason. There are several “formal” opportunities to take yourself out of the program. First, when an offer is presented you will have 21-days to opt-out by returning a card to IGS Energy or making a toll-free phone call. If you do not opt-out DEO will then send a confirmation notice giving you 7 more days to cancel the switch. Furthermore, by law, you will be able to leave without penalty at least every two years. If you would like to leave the program at any time, simply notify IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162.

My friend lives in a nearby community and has a different rate from IGS Energy than mine. Why?

Natural gas prices are highly volatile. Market rates change often and quickly. Price differences between communities will vary based primarily on the contract term and the dates on which pricing was secured for the community.

What if I do not receive a notice?

During the initial enrollment, any eligible resident that does not receive a letter may contact IGS Energy directly (1-877-353-0162) to receive the same rate.

Can I enroll after the initial enrollment period?

IGS Energy will always try to accommodate residents should they wish to receive the same rate after the initial enrollment period. However, IGS Energy reserves the right to decline depending on market conditions.

What if I currently purchase my gas from another supplier?

IGS Energy will mail solicitation letters to residents who are not eligible for automatic aggregation via the opt-out process. These customers will be able to receive the same rate as the aggregation program customers. Before you sign up, you should check to see if your current supplier charges an early termination fee. All residents should check the terms and conditions of their current contract for more information.

What happens if I’m part of the program and I move?

A resident moving within the same community can stay in the aggregation by providing IGS Energy with their new address. If a resident moves out of the community or does not provide IGS Energy their new address, their participation will end and no early termination fee will apply.

This sounds complex. Is our community qualified to handle such a program?

We have retained Independent Energy Consultants, Inc., a PUCO certified broker and aggregator of electric and natural gas, without using any taxpayer money. They have designed, implemented, and administered hundreds of successful natural gas and electric programs across Ohio. We will have their assistance and that of IGS Energy throughout the program.

These FAQs help but I still have a question?

If you have additional questions please call IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For general information on natural gas deregulation in Ohio, you can visit the Web Sites of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (, or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ( Please do not contact our offices. We are pleased to have made this program possible, but are not prepared to handle calls.


View IGS Letter Here (PDF)

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