Tip411 Anonymous Tip Reporting & Alerts

Always call 911 for immediate threats to safety and property.

The Twinsburg Police Department is excited to introduce a new cell phone and web-based application, enabling residents to easily report tips. Citizen involvement significantly contributes to our ability to solve crimes and foster a safer city.

We are adopting innovative technologies to establish a two-way communication channel, allowing residents to anonymously share information that aids in solving crimes, thereby enhancing community safety. Users have the option to attach photos and videos after submitting an initial tip.

When you submit a tip through any of the three available options, it is forwarded to a third-party tip service. This service acts as a privacy shield between the submitter and the Twinsburg Police Department, ensuring the protection of your identity and contact information. If you have information regarding crimes, criminals, or any illicit activities, you are encouraged to use one of the options listed below. Your valuable information will assist in maintaining the safety of the Twinsburg community.

This service is intended for non-emergency use, and tips submitted may not be reviewed by the department until the following day.

Please Note:

This service is not meant to substitute a call to request police in an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, you should always contact 911.

If your situation is not an emergency, but you still need an officer to respond, then you should contact the police department at 330-425-1234.

Option 1 - Submit a Tip Via Text Message

To send an anonymous tip via text message to the Twinsburg Police Department, text the keyword TWINSBURGPD and your tip to 847411.

When the text message is sent to the Twinsburg Police Department the tipster's cellular phone number is completely anonymous and is never received by the Twinsburg Police Department.

Option 2 - Sign up Online to Send Tips & Receive Alerts

Tip411 not only allows you to submit tips but also helps the Twinsburg Police Department communicate vital public safety information to community members by sending alerts. You can sign up to receive all alerts from the Twinsburg Police Department, or customize the alerts according to your preference. These alerts might include public safety messages, traffic re-routing due to accidents, or other important safety-related notifications. Please sign up online through the Tip411 website.

Option 3 - Download the Twinsburg Police Department (PD) App

"Download the 'TwinsburgPD Tips' app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to submit anonymous tips from your smartphone."

Option 4 - Fill out the Following Form

Submission Instructions:
Use the form below to provide your anonymous tip online. After submitting your tip, you'll receive a six-digit code, composed of both numbers and letters. Keep this code safe! It's your anonymous ID, which you'll use to log back into the system.

Acknowledgment of Accuracy and Legality:
Please confirm the following before submitting your tip: I affirm that the information provided in the form below is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that intentionally providing false information may subject me to fines, imprisonment, or both, under the laws of the State of Ohio.

Handling of Your Complaint:
Complaints submitted via this website are reviewed and processed accordingly. Your complaint may also be referred to other law enforcement or regulatory agencies for potential investigation. Please note that any investigation based on the complaints submitted through this website is initiated at the discretion of the Twinsburg Police Department.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining community safety.