CAPital improvement Board

The Architectural Review Board is established by codified ordinance 127.07.

(a) Established.  There is hereby established and created a Capital Improvement Board comprised of five qualified electors of the City holding no other public office and appointed by Council.

(b) Term of Office.  The residents appointed by Council shall serve a two-year term.

(c) Meetings.  The Board shall meet as directed by Council and/or the Mayor and is authorized to meet upon the concurrence of a majority of its members.  It shall meet at least four (4) times per year.

(d) Duties.  The Board shall advise Council and the Administration.  The Board shall consider all proposed capital improvements and make recommendations concerning same.  The Board shall coordinate its activities with the various boards, committees and commissions established by Council.  Copies of all reports and recommendations shall be filed with the Clerk of Council.  (Ord.  21-2021.  Passed 5-11-21.)

Capital Improvement Board Members

Shelley Shipley
Ward 1
John Blust
Ward 2
Sharyn Price
Ward 3
Chiren Patel
Ward 4
Maureen Stauffer
Ward 5
Bill Furey
Council Representative
  Shannon Collins