Registered Solicitors

Current Registered Solicitors with the City of Twinsburg:

Fakult Enterprises (Ice Cream Truck):

1. John Wall - Permit Expires 10/01/2021

Kona Ice

1.  Steve Barta - Permit Expires 10/27/2021
2.  Michael Barta -Permit Expires 10/27/2021

Registered solicitors are required to wear a city-issued photo id.   Those who are 501c3, political, or religious organizations may not be required to register as a solicitor but should check in with the police department prior to going door to door.

Residents are reminded that the Twinsburg Police Department will provide "No Solicitor" stickers free of charge to any city resident.  

If you have any questions, please contact our non-emergency phone number at 330-425-1234