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The City of Twinsburg extends its heartfelt appreciation and support for the families of our residents who are currently serving our country in the military overseas or at home. Please contact me if you are a military family in need of support. 
- Mayor Ted Yates
 The City of Twinsburg extends its heartfelt appreciation and support for the families of our reside


Anderson, Erick United States Army 
Anderson, Lauren United States Army 
Bobick, Raymond United States Army 1970 
Brown, Tom United States Army 
Burkett, Thomas D. United States Army 2004 
Bushey, David United States Army 
Button, Bradley, J. United States Army 
Cook, Alexander United States Army 
Corrigan, Tim United States Army 
Clapper, Charles United States Marine Corps 1989 
Dombek, Steve United States Air Force 
Dory, Michael United States Marine Corps 
Doty, James United States Navy 
Dupont, Robert United States Air Force 
Enos, Chris United States Air Force 
Feketik, Greg United States Air Force 1980 
Fidoe, Dan United States Marine Corps 2003 
Gay, Matthew Ohio National Guard 
Gonzalez, Matthew United States Marine Corps 
Gruley, Brian United States Navy 
Hall, Roger United States Navy 1988 
Jasany, Joseph A. United States Marine Corps 2009 
Jasany, Joseph J. United States Marine Corps 1969 
Kizak James, J. Unite States Navy 1962
 Kub, Eric United States Army 
LeFaiver, Chris United States Coast Guard 
Lentini, Marco United States Marine Corps 
Lindau, Joe United States Navy 
Lockart, Eaven R. United States Marine Corps 2010 
Matthews, Kendra United States Air Force 
Mirgliotta, Phillip United States Marine Corps 
Moyer, Shawn United States Army 
Myron, John United States Marine Corps 
Murch, David United States Army 1972 
Onyski, Steve United States Navy 
O'Rourke-Butler, Kelly United States Army 
Presley, Michelle United States Navy 
Richner, George United States Air Force 
Roddie, Kenneth United States Navy 1969 
Ryan, James United States Army 
Ryan, William United States Army 
Scragg, Jason United States Marine Corps 
Sorace, Joseph United States Air Force 
Spice, Floyd, G. United States Army 1952
 Sterling, Kevin United States Marine Corps 1968 
Stutzman, Eric United States Air Force 
Susnik, Brent United States Army 2011 USMC 2010
Susnik, James United States Air Force Retired 
Teague, Ian United States Army 
Teague, Ryan United States Army 
Tscherne, Adam United States Army 
Twichell, Keith United States National Guard 
VanMeter, Gary United States Army Retired 2004 
Wisniewski, Michael United States Air Force 
Wisniewski, Mitchell United States Army 
Zemanek, Brian United States Air Force

Please contact us with updates to this listing.

Twinsburg Area Residents Currently Serving or Previously Served

Name Rank Military Unit Duty Station Twinsburg Graduate
Abell, Brian Staff Sergeant USMC Reserves 3/25th Akron, Ohio

Aleandri, Vincent B. Staff Sergeant

543 Support Squad 
70th Intel.Wing

Lackland AFB, Texas

Baldwin, Justin Airman
  Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas 2010
Dombek, Philip Staff Sergeant
Logistics Chief
The Basic School
Quantico, Virginia   1997
Dumas, Kiara M Pvt.
US Army
  Fort Jackson,
Columbia, SC
Encarnacion, Yamil US Army   Ohio city employee
Fiedler, Bradley

1st Lt. US Army electrical engineer Afghanistan 2006
Freeman, Litho C. Pvt.
US Army
  Fort Benning
Columbus, GA
Frejofsky, Abby M. Specialist
US Army
  Afghanistan 2007
Giardina, Michael Corporal
3/25t Ohio Resident
Glover, Tyler 2nd LT
Pilot Training  Laughlin AFB
Del Rio, TX
Fucci, Anthony Sergeant
US Army
737th FSC  Stow, Ohio  2010
Fucci, Chantel Sergeant
US Army
237th BSB  Lima, Ohio  2009
Janecek, Shawn Sr. Airman
Fireman/EMT Ohio 2004
Michnay, Brandon Pvt
ITR Camp Lejeune, NC 2010
Novotney, Danielle Airman
  Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas 2010
Repp, John PFC
U.S. Army
A troop 1-13 Cav 3rd Bulldog Brig
1st Armor Div
Texas 2006
Richardson, Douglas E. PVT2
US Army
ROTC Akron University 2007
Sprague, Brian SGT
US Army
 Apache Troop 1/9 CAV
4th BDE


Staff, Mark A.
US Army
  PA VFW4929
Taton, Dillon R. E2
S Navy
Master at Arms         US Navy

White Beach Okinawa, Japan

Twichell, Keith Captain
US Army
SFAAT 7/3/203, 3BCT 101st ABN (AA) Chamkani, Afghanistan 1997
Waltz, Robert GunnySergeant
USMC Reserves
3rd Bn25Marines 
Lima Co.

city employee
Winston, Carlyn L. Airman USAF   San Antonio, Texas 2005
256th Combat Support Hospital  US Army Twinsburg, Ohio   city based