Mayor Sam Scaffide

Welcome to Twinsburg!

It is a great honor for me to be elected as Mayor of Twinsburg by the residents. I have been a member of the Twinsburg City Council for 20 years; and I could not be prouder to represent our city as your Mayor. Twinsburg enjoys a rich heritage, a strong sense of community and fiscal stability. I look forward to working with city council to continue to improve and strengthen our city. I also want to protect and enhance our residents' quality of life.

Twinsburg's true spirit is found in the genuine care we feel for one another, and the collective effort we make in supporting our neighbors. I would like to commend all of our active military, first responders and community volunteers. They put others' needs and enjoyment before their own every day of the year. As a result, they enhance our quality of life and are examples of what a community is all about.

I also express my appreciation to all City of Twinsburg employees for their dedication, commitment, and service to our community. When the call for service goes out, whatever the circumstance – they answer. I have always been proud of our employees for the outstanding work they do. I believe that we have the most dedicated employees serving our citizens.

To our business community, your success is our success. We are incredibly grateful and proud of the strides you’ve made despite our uncertain economy. It has been my pleasure visiting the diverse set of businesses that make up the fabric of commerce in our city. I have also enjoyed getting to know the people who run and work in Twinsburg businesses.

As always, our mission is to provide an excellent quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors alike. It is a mission we take very seriously. Our doors are always open to you!

Please contact my office if you have questions or concerns,  (330) 963-6207.


Sam Scaffide, Mayor