Special Equipment

K-90 Talisman Thermal Imaging Camera
In January 2000, the Twinsburg Fire Department took possession of its first Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) from ISG Thermal Systems USA, Inc. This is the first TIC we have purchased.

This TIC is ISG's K-90 Talisman. It is further classified as a Third Generation thermal imaging camera. What this means is that it is one of the latest designs of TIC on the market. It uses HD-BST technology, has a spectral response of 8-14 microns, Germanium lens, and an external output at NTSC RD170 525 lines.
K-90 Talisman Thermal Imaging Camera
Choosing a Thermal Imaging Camera
Twinsburg Fire Department put together a small group of members who's responsibility was to gather all the information possible regarding TICs on the market. The group looked at 5 different cameras (several others were not available during this process) and finally settled on ISG's K-90. There are several cameras that met and exceeded all our expectations, but we ended up going with the K-90 because it was the only TIC that passed the U.S. Navy's very stringent guidelines in every category listed. Some of the categories include: water resistant, lightweight, rugged construction (known as firefighter-proof in some circles), solid state technology, internal coolers, and wireless transmission, to name a few.

This tool promises to be a highly reliable and respected tool that will save lives.