Special Equipment

One of the great pieces of equipment we are fortunate to have is the LifePak 15, often referred to as the "monitor" or "LP15."  This device gives our medics the information they need to in terms of the many vital signs during times of medical emergencies.  The average cost of this vital piece of equipment is $31,244. For more details on it, this link will take you to the manufacture's web site:  https://www.strykeremergencycare.com/products/devices/LIFEPAK-15/ 


Twinsburg Fire is extremely fortunate to have all of our squads equipped with the Stryker Power Load System and Power Cot.  This system allows our members to safely transport and load/unload our patients with ease. It also helps to reduce injury claims from our members during the most vulnerable times of patient movement and transport.  The Average cost of this system is $21,759.  For more details on it, this link will take you to the manufacture's web site:  https://www.stryker.com/us/en/emergency-care/products/power-pro-xt.html

Another extremely important piece of equipment we have is the Lucas Device. This device takes over the role of chest compressions during CPR in a cardiac arrest emergency. It provides high quality continuous  compressions freeing up a rescuer to perform other life saving interventions. This device also allows for for CPR to continue during difficult patient moves, like going down stairs. This device has an average cost of $15,694 per unit. Twinsburg Fire has one on each of our 3 front line ambulances. For further details on this device follow the link to the manufactures web site: https://www.strykeremergencycare.com/products/devices/lucas-3/ 


This piece of equipment is a Thermal Imaging Camera, TIC for short. It allows us to see things in some of the worst conditions. This particular one is manufactured by MSA and was purchased in May of 2017 to the approximate cost of $7894.  For further details on this device fallow the link to the manufactures web site: https://us.msasafety.com/Thermal-Imaging/Thermal-Imaging-Cameras/EVOLUTION%C2%AE-6000-Basic-Thermal-Imaging-Camera/p/000340006000001001