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NOTICE - The 1st Branch Chipping Round for the 2014 season begins on Monday, April 7.  Please have your branches out prior to 7:00AM on the first day to ensure pickup.    

Auto Payment Form

2014 Recycling & Shredding Events

2014 Public Works Pamphlet

Refuse & Recyle Cart Program

Branch Chipping Services                                              April - October 2014  

Branch Chipping Service for residents begins on the First Monday of each of the seven months listed. For 2014, this service will begin with round one commencing on Monday, April 7

One (1) complete pass through the City will be done per month on the (7) scheduled rounds from April - October 2014. 

We ask that you pile the branches parallel to the roadway (cut ends not facing the road) to assist our crews in their collection efforts as this increases efficiency and worker safety as they operate the chipping equipment. Please use caution and remain alert when driving near the chipping crews to keep our workers and yourself safe! 

NOTE:  Branches must not be larger than 10 inches in diameter.

Due to the length of time required to provide this service to the entire City on a monthly basis, the crews will be unable to return to pick up branches that were not out for chipping when your street was completed for the month. (*NOTE:  Branches can also be bundled and put out next to your trash & recycling carts for Waste Management to remove on Tuesdays throughout the season as an alternative to the monthly pickup by the City's chipping crews.) 

Recycling & Refuse Collection  

The City of Twinsburg has a contract with Waste Management for residential waste and recycle collection services, and they provide residents with containers for Trash and curbside Recycling at no cost to the residents.  Collection is every Tuesday between the hours of 7AM and 7PM. To ensure pick up, please have your containers curbside by 7:00AM on Tuesdays, but preferably not before 6:00PM on the evening prior.  Contact Public Works to request refuse and recycling carts.   


Holiday Schedule
The six holidays Waste Management honors are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If your service day falls on or the day after one of these six holidays, you will be serviced one day later on Wednesday.

Trash and recycling must be out by 7:00 A.M. on the day of pickup.  For more information or customer service information contact Twinsburg Public Works at 330-963-6212.

Large Items

Waste Management will pickup (1) large item a week, i.e. furniture, mattress, appliance, TV.  Residents are instructed to put the items out next to your trash & recycle containers and Waste Management will come around at the end of the day and pick up those items with a special truck.  Any other large discarded trash should be broken down into 4 foot lengths and no heavier than 25 lbs. weights, including wood which also needs to have the nails removed or safely bent over.

Carpet should be rolled and tied to ensure pickup. 


Grass Clippings

Residents are encouraged to compost, however (6) bags of yard waste are permitted per week. Place the bags next to your trash carts, not inside of them!


Recycling Center 

Large recycling bins are also available for residential use in Twinsburg. This may be the best way to handle larger items such as moving boxes, etc. Please break down corregated boxes before putting into bins. The bins are permenently located at 10260 Ravenna Road (Behind the school buses next to Chamberlin Middle School). 


Recycle These!

Glass of all colors, plastics 1-7, aluminum & tin cans, cardboard boxes and cartons (with plastic caps removed), newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, paper of all colors, and chip board (cereal boxes).


Trash These!

Pizza boxes, plastic bags and plastic wrap, drinking glasses and window glass (carfully taped & marked for the saftey of workers, plastic toys, phone books, aerosol cans and boxes, detergent boxes, wax coated boxes, candy wrappers, styrofoam, wet or soiled papers, used tissues and paper towels, used paper plates and cups, food or organic waste, waxed paper and waxed cardboard.


Unacceptable Waste for curbside Collection - Hazardous Household Waste

Batteries, anti-freeze, gasoline & used oil & filters, stones, propane tanks, paint cans with remaining paint, insecticides, concrete in any form, bricks, shingles, car parts, cleaners and solvents.


For Hazardous Household Waste Disposal Information - Contact Summit County REWORKS at 330-374-0383 or visit the website at   


Trash Cart Program

2014 Recycling & Shredding Events

Sanitary Sewer Billing

The City of Twinsburg maintains and operates it's own Wastewater Treatment Plant and therefore provides the residents and businesses of Twinsburg with Sanitary Services.

The residents are billed quarterly a flat rate as determined by City Ordinance. The current residential rate is $45.50 due on the following dates each year: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.  Bills are mailed approximately 6 weeks prior to the due dates. Payments can be mailed, dropped off at the 24-hr drop boxes (locations listed below), paid online via your personal banking website, or you may elect to have the amount automatically withdrawn from your checking account on the due date. (details below). Payments are also accepted at the Public Works Building between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm Monday-Friday.

The City of Twinsburg provides 24-hour postage free Drop Boxes at the following 2 locations for your convenience:

  • CITY HALL Parking Lot - 10075 Ravenna Road
  • PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING outside the lobby door - 10231 Ravenna Road


The City of Twinsburg also offers an automatic payment plan to make it more convenient for you to pay your quarterly sewer bill. With your authorization, the City of Twinsburg can automatically collect the amount due on your utility bill directly from your checking account. Automatic payment offers you these benefits – 
   ♦ Guaranteed payment of your utility bill on the due date 
   ♦ No check writing 
   ♦ No postage costs 
   ♦ Guaranteed bill payment during extended absences

How to Apply:
Fill out, print and mail in this form along with a VOIDED check from  the accout to be debited. If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department at (330) 963-6279.



Utility Information

Time Warner Cable


Windstream Internet & Phone


Cleveland Water
(216) 664-3130

Dominion Gas  
(216) 361-2345

Ohio Edison
(800) 633-4766 

Cleveland Water  
24 hr Line(216) 664-3060


Leaf Pick-up

Leaf Pick-up begins in Mid-October and runs continuously through December weather permitting. The Service Department asks that all leaves be raked to the tree lawn and that piles be free of twigs, grass clippings, and other garden materials. Raking of leaves to cul-de-sac islands or into the streets is not permitted.

Storm Sewers/Catch Basins

The Service Department builds and repairs storm sewers and catch basins located in the city. Residents may request an inspection by the Engineering Dept to determine if their open storm water ditch is eligible for piping in.  If approved, the Service Dept. provides labor at no cost, and the residents are billed for the cost of materials only.  For more information call (330) 963-6212.


Public Works Director
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Sewer Billing Accountant
 General Superintendent- ServiceKenny Jacofsky
Superintendent- Wastewater
Service Department ForemanGary Fontaine
Service Department ForemanJoe Kerrigan
Service Department Foreman
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Pretreatment Coordinator
Laboratory Coordinator
Maintenance Coordinator
Sewer Maintenance Coordinator

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