Human Resources
The Department of Human Resources is responsible for providing personnel services to all City departments and employees. These services encompass the functions of Labor Relations; Recruiting & Staffing, Compensation & Benefits; Training & Development; Compliance with local, state and federal employment laws. The Department of Human Resources is located in the main building at City Hall, 10075 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg, OH 44087

Kolette Wolosnyzek
HR Director
Phone: 330-963-6320
Fax: 330-405-6739

HR Philosophy Statement
The most valued and important resource of the City of Twinsburg is its employees. Consistent with this belief, it is the commitment of the Human Resources staff to respect the worth and dignity of every City employee and every applicant. Within the Department of Human Resources, this commitment will be realized as we:
Treat all employees with equity, understanding, dignity and respect while recognizing that the Department of Human Resources functions as a member of the overall team.

Approach all situations with a resolution-oriented attitude, which will provide a positive influence on the workplace.

Let employees know what is expected of them and whether they are meeting those expectations by creating an environment characterized by openness and honesty.

Strive to help employees understand how their work contributes to the mission of the City and its commitment to servicing our residents.

Maintain a personal commitment to a productive and honest work ethic. Afford employees opportunities to develop their skills and enhance their career. 

Foster appreciation and recognition of employees for work well done.

Employment Application Policy
Applications for Employment will be accepted only when there is an open position.  Unsolicited applications and resumes will not be kept on file.  All applicants should know that due to Sunshine Laws regarding public records, all applications are subject to review by anyone requesting the information.  Also, all application information is subject to publication.  Qualified, current City employees are given first consideration for full-time vacancies.