The Building Division is located at:

Twinsburg Government Center
10075 Ravenna Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Phone: 330.963.6270
Fax: 330.963.6285

Hours of Operation:
May thru September: 7:30am - 4:30pm
October thru April: 8:00am - 4:30pm

ALERT inspection line number has changed to 330.405.1314 please discard 330.656.4817.

Twinsburg, OH Building Division

Russell J. Rodic, CBO/RBO
Building Commissioner

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"Know What's Below. Call 811 Before You Dig."

As a not-for-profit, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) are the people the homeowners and professional excavators call before digging.  As a municipal department, we would like to express the dangers of underground utilities represent and the importance of having them located and marked before digging.  Please "call 811 before you dig.  Visit for more information.



The Online Inquiry System allows the user to do the following; Request an inspection of permit of record, view inspections performed of permit of record, view permit of record data (location, contractor, etc.) and view contractors of current registration information.

The City of Twinsburg makes every attempt to provide accurate information. All data are provided as is and without any guarantees either expressed or implied. All data are for general reference, and the City of Twinsburg, Ohio, does not guarantee that the data will meet your specific requirements. All data should be confirmed with the appropriate official source. If you need assistance please call the Twinsburg Buiilding Department, (330) 963-6270.

By clicking the the link below you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

City of Twinsburg Online Permit Inquiry System

Note: When inquiring about a permit by address, the street name must be designated with one of the following; Ave, Blvd, Cir, Ct, Dr, Ln, Pkwy, Pl, Rd, St or Tr.

The Ohio Board of Building Standards, a division of Ohio Industrial Relations, certifies our department to perform all required codes for construction inspections for both residential and non-residential (commercial/industrial) buildings. Our inspection staff are tested and certified, and maintain their certifications by attending continuing education courses, which is mandated by the State.

ALERT-All 1, 2,  & 3 Family Dwellings for construction, alteration, etc. on and after January 1, 2013, shall be designed and constructed under the provisions of the Residential Code of Ohio edition 2013, the 2009 edition of the ICC International Residential Code is used as the basis of this document for Chapters 2 thru 25, 29 and 44.

The permits we issue include:

New construction for residential and non-residential structures; decks; pools (above or in ground); gazebo's; porches; additions/alterations (interior & exterior); utility buildings; sun rooms; new a/c installations; new hot water tank; new furnace; new electrical panel; retaining walls; site grading and clearing; fireplaces and wood stoves; all exterior/interior concrete flat work; asphalt drives; sewer installations; satellite dish; demolition; signs; sprinklers (lawn & buildings); any electrical, mechanical, plumbing, & structural; road opening permit; house moving permit; utility installations (phone, gas, etc.).

You may use the links to the left to download and print residential and non-residential applications for submittal of review to obtain permits.

Our department reviews all registrations of contractors that intend to work in our City. Any individuals/parties contracting work should always check to confirm the contractor of record is currently registered and has obtained the required permits (elect, plumb, etc) by accessing the online permit inquiry system. As part of our registration process, the contractors shall provide a city of twinsburg performance bond and proper insurance coverage, such documents may help to assist our residents for non-compliant actions by the contractor. When a Twinsburg resident has an issue or conflict with a contractor(s), they should contact our department immediately, so we can discuss or assist to resolve.

Phone Number
Chief Building Official
(330) 963-6284
Building & Planning Coordinator
(330) 963-6231
Administrative Assistant
(330) 963-6281
Building / Mechanical Inspector
(330) 963-6295
Building / Mechanical Inspector
(330) 963-6282
Electrical Inspector
(330) 963-6284
Housing & Zoning Inspector
(330) 405-9573

Note: You may click on a person's name to contact them by email.

The Division of Building provides for permits, contractor registration, building construction inspection, housing point-of-sale inspection (exterior only), investigates complaints related to zoning or property maintenance issues, neighborhood preservation program, the scheduling Planning Commission, Board of Zoning and Building Code Appeals and Architectural Review Board meetings. The Division of Building operates under the supervision of the Chief Building Official, Mr. Russell J. Rodic.

This Division issues permits for new construction, building additions and alterations as well as for a variety of other purposes. The Residential Code of Ohio the earilest edition (see Residential Permits)has been adopted and establishes rules for fabrication, construction and enlargement of residential structures. The Ohio Building Code the earilest edition (see Non-Residential Permits) provides the rules for fabrication, construction and enlargement of non-residential (commercial/industrial) structures. Other codes adopted in Twinsburg are the National Electric Code and the International Property Maintenance Code. A listing of permits to be obtained is provided below.

Signs, fences, additions / alterations, any electrical, mechanical, plumbing or structural, siding / roofing, accessory structures (decks, pools, sheds, etc.), road opening permits (public right-of-way), replacement of A/C condenser, furnace, & hot water tank, grading and sitetree clearance, demolition, lawn irrigation systems, retaining walls (> 30” in height), satellite dishes over 24” dia.,  fireplaces, foundation waterproofing, house moving, asphalt/concrete pavements, sewer/utilities (gas, water,etc.), Septic Tank to Sanitary Sewer Conversion application obtained through this link Conversion Guidelines.

All contractors intending to work in the City of Twinsburg shall obtain a city license from the Division of Building on an annual basis. Property owners should confirm the contractual agreement contractor is registered and that appropriate permits have been secured (see online permit inquiry system). Contractors are required to provide a performance bond and show evidence of proper insurance. License application for contractor registration and inspection procedure may be accessed by clicking the below link.

Contractor Registration Application

Division of Building Inspector Procedure

The City of Twinsburg operates a exterior only point-of-sale inspection of single-family residential properties. Dwellings as part of a condo association with fees applying to maintain the exterior of the buildings do NOT require a point of sale inspection. This inspection covers exterior elements of the property & building and is conducted referencing standards set forth in the International Property Maintenance Code’s Chapter 3 – General Requirements.   The purpose of the inspection is to encourage adequate property maintenance and to preserve property values in the community. It is important to schedule an inspection in a timely manner of the sale so that deficiencies may be addressed and/or corrections negotiated prior to closing. An application for Point-of-Sale inspection and checklist may be accessed by clicking this link.

The applicable ordinance is title seven, chapter 1365 and chapter 1313 the adoption of the International Property Maintenance code of earliest edition.

Application for Exterior Point of Sale

Point of Sale Checklist


All work shall be performed in a PROFESSIONAL manner. After construction documents have been approved and permit to work has been issued construction may proceed in accordance with the approved documents. Construction or work for which an approval is required shall be subject to inspection. It shall be the duty of the owner or the owner’s duly authorized representative to notify the City of Twinsburg Division of Building when work is ready for inspection. Upon notification from the owner or the owner’s agent that the work is ready for inspection, shall cause the inspections set forth in the required inspection list to be made by an appropriately certified inspector in accordance with the approved construction documents. Inspections shall be requested by calling inspection voice message number 330.405.1314 or request inspection email 

When scheduling an inspection please provide the following: 1) the type of inspection requested (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.), 2) street address and name on permit of record, 3) name of contractor on permit of record, and 4) the date and time for the inspection (either AM/PM). Inspections will be completed during Building Division hours (7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday) unless other arrangements are made with the Division.  The below link provides a list of what applications for permits are to be submitted & obtained and the scope of work requiring an inspection.

Division of Building Inspection Procedure

The Division accepts phone calls or written complaints related to property maintenance and/or zoning concerns. When filing a complaint you will be urged to provide your name and phone number so that you may be advised of the status of any investigation, any action taken or requesting additional information or questions to be asked.  The Division of Building policy is to not disclose the name of the complainant. Complaints may be filed by calling 330-963-6270 or by email to

This Board is responsible for review of plans for new construction affecting the exterior of buildings or structures and for the review of all sign permit proposals. The Board’s review is confined to building design, scale, materials of construction and compatibility with adjacent uses. No building permits are issued until the Architectural Review Board has taken action to approve these design elements. The Board meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month except for holidays. Property owners should be prepared to submit professionally drawn plans illustrating proposed improvements along with samples of materials and colors to be used in the improvement. Architectural Review Board application and Architectural Review Board guidlines may be accessed by clicking on the follow links below:

Non-Residential - ARB (Commercial/Industrial) Permit Application

Residential-ARB Permit Application

Architectural Review Board Guidelines

This Board provides a venue to hear and decide on appeals and variances. The board is scheduled on an as needed basis (the wednesday prior to city council meeting).  Any individual may appeal a decision of Planning Commission, Architectural Review Board, or Building Official where it is alleged that an error in interpretation or determination has been made affecting the applicant. A Board of Zoning Appeals application may be accessed by clicking on the below link.

Board of Building & Zoning Code Appeals Application

Key to Saving Your Home

The below links are available for those that have been served with a Mortgage Foreclosure Lawsuit.  Please read all the enclosed information.

Foreclosure lawsuit timeline.pdf

Loss Mitigation Department.pdf