Registered Solicitors

To register as a solicitor, please contact the Chief's office between the hours of 7am and 3pm by dialing 330-425-1234 Ext 6215.   After the process, registered solicitors are issued a photo ID with a "CITY OF TWINSBURG" stamped on the ID.

Registered solicitors are required to display their photo ID while they are going door to door.

Groups that can prove 501c3 status must still check in with the police department prior to beginning their door to door campaign, however they are not issued a photo ID.   

Community Service Outreach is a 501c3 Status - and does not require a permit.  
Current registered solicitors:

IGS Energy Vannesa Dawson Permit Expires 07/19/2017

Kona Ice Patricia Barta Permit Expires 10/01/2017
Kona Ice Steve Barta Permit Expires 10/01/2017