Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers will design a personalized fitness program specific to your goals and needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your fitness to the next level. Personal Training offers that one on one individualized attention! Please feel free to contact our trainers using their information below or if you have additional questions you may also contact our Fitness Coordinator for more information by calling (330) 405-5757.

  *The Trainers below are certified independent contractors for the City of Twinsburg. 
With 14 years experience in the fitness industry, specializing in group fitness and personal trianing, my primary focus is functional exercises to enhance clients fitness and health.  I assist clients in attaining their personal goals and help them incorporate regular fitness into their life. By focusing on correct form, technique, and function.  I hope to share knowledge with my clients that they can carry forward to any fitness situation and be successful.  I am a certified group fitness and personal trainer through NETA - National Exercise Trainers Association.

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Dionne’s greatest satisfaction—“affecting my clients in a positive way through training, getting them back on course in their lives and putting the sexy back in their stride!” She’s out to change lives through her passion for simple positive health.

Dionne’s strategy for success begins with her perspectives about coaching. An athlete in high school who competed in track and field, then finding a great passion for fitness in the US Army, the trainer watched the impact her coaches and drill sergeants had on her accomplishments on the field and during training. Originally, Dionne pursued a career in social work but soon found satisfaction as a personal trainer “I enjoyed having a coach—the impact they made on my life and I saw the impact they made on other lives. I decided to be a coach and change lives through overall fitness, health and wellness"

Dionne trains clients ranging from high school athletes to corporate professionals to moms wanting to get into great shape and find their size healthy! Dionne is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Instructor and Silver Sneakers Fitness. She trains using a body weight focused method incorporating high and low intensity interval training.

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My name is Jon Sharp, I am a graduate of Kent State University where my focus was Health and Family studies. I am certified through Aerobics Fitness Association of America and some of my specialties include circuit training and strength training.  I have always been involved with playing sports  or in the gym since a young age. I enjoy helping show others the many benefits of staying active and exercising.

As a trainer my main focus is to help people reach their health and fitness goals through weight loss and lean muscular gain. I help them accomplish their goals with my specialized strength and cardio training programs, as well as fitness testing , counseling and nutritional tips. I also teach several exercise classes every week and look forward to meeting you at the gym!

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Happiness is a choice and every time the choice is yours! I pursue each day with a bit of desperation and a whole lot of hope both aimed towards achieving goals and being a positive light. I am an advocator for community and inclusion. I am passionate about wellness because everyone's journey is different yet we all have the same basic needs. Wellness (mind, body, spirit) is a staple in our lives and each area needs attention. My goal is to be a catalyst to the future by assisting the already present success you are and helping you become your healthiest and best version of yourself. I am well versed in many different training styles. I love working with those who are fresh on their wellness journeys and ready to really create some momentum!

I am the Strength and Conditioning Coach here at Flow Fitness and Health. I'm here to represent those looking for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. My training program focuses on building your body, as well as conditioning it, but what's more important is your well being! I want to improve your mind, body and spirit. Join me and I'll help you achieve the impossible.

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I, Andre "4EverFit" Smith, am a fitness trainer who has been changing lives one pound at a time. Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, it was in Chicago where I found my love and passion for fitness. My mission is to help inspire as many people as I can through health and wellness awareness. My life's motto which I apply to my passion of fitness training is "Trust the Process and You Will See Progress". 

I specialize in a number of different training methods such as strength training, functional training, athletic training, weight loss, and High Intensity Interval Training. Each individual program is designed to help you achieve the goals you want and sustain them over a long period of time. Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, I have the right program for you!

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