Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board is established by codified ordinance 1321.03.

(a) Established; Composition. There is hereby established an Architectural Review Board which shall consist of five voting members: four residents of the Municipality holding no other public office in this Municipality, who shall be appointed by a majority vote of all the members of Council; one member of Council, appointed annually by a majority vote of the members of Council; and the Architect, who shall be retained under a personal services contract by the Mayor, as authorized by Council. A Council member appointed by Council as representative and the Building Commissioner will not be a voting member, but will remain on the Board.

(1) At the first Board meeting of each year, the Board members shall organize and recognize the Architect as Chairman, who shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Board’s work, and elect one member as secretary, who shall keep or cause to be kept in the Municipal Building a complete record of all meetings of the Board and of all transactions handled by it.

 (2) Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum; however, a majority vote of the members present shall be required to take official action. (Ord. 18-2000. Passed 1-25-00.)

Architectural Review Board Members

Marge Gantous
Term Ends: 1/31/2015
Jennifer Frazier
Term Ends: 1/31/2017
Don Spice - Chairman
Term Ends: 01/31/2017
John Midlik
Term Ends: 1/31/2015
Mike Dicillo
Term Ends: 1/31/2017
Bob McDermott
Council Representative
Dan Cegelka
Building Inspector
Marilyn Freed