Mayor Ted Yates

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. I want to thank my Department Heads and the residents for their support during 2016. It was an eventful first year for me and I am excited about the path Twinsburg is on.

We have preliminary numbers regarding the City's finances. Last year, the City had total revenue of approximately $34.3 million and expenses of approximately $39.1 million. The City's General Fund spent $1.6 million less than its expenses; however, $7.8 million was transferred out of the General Fund to subsidize capital projects and certain enterprise funds. The 2017 budget reflects a decrease in expenditures from 2016, and I will begin to evaluate both the City's operational and capital spending for 2018 in the upcoming months.

Despite a warm end to the year, winter has finally arrived. Our service crews are busy salting and plowing with the City's 12 plow trucks. During our heavier storms, we clear the primary roadways, then work through the residential streets. Additionally, our service crews are now on three shifts to ensure our roadways are clear and safe at all hours.

The City's 2017 improvement projects are also finalized. Please visit the "Construction Project Updates" section of our website for a full list and details. I am glad to say that Phase I of the Route 91 project is complete and the roundabout is fully operational and moving traffic as efficiently as expected. The City has invested time and money into the engineering and right-of-way purchase for Phase II, and that project is expected to move forward in 2019. 

For over ten years, the City has been discussing the need and desire to replace the current clubhouse at Gleneagles golf course. I am thankful that Council has chosen to move forward with this project. The 19,000 square foot facility will be an asset to our community and will be available to our residents and local businesses to host events, both golf and non-golf related. 

This year, I have proposed a series of "Mayor's Town Hall Meetings." I have scheduled four evenings throughout the year, inviting residents to come into City Hall, hear about upcoming projects and share any questions or concerns they may have. I have arranged for several department heads to attend each meeting, as well as a few Council representatives. The first Town Hall meeting will be on Tuesday, February 7 at 6:30 p.m. 

I look forward to 2017 and the accomplishments and challenges it will bring to my office and the community. 

Finally, we honor Black History month, an important time for our country to celebrate the contributions that black Americans have played in U.S. history. Twinsburg is a diverse community, and I am committed to embracing that diversity in our workforce and city-wide programming.


Mayor Ted Yates