Construction Project Updates

2016 Road Improvements Project 

Construction:  May 2016  – August 2016
Contractor:  Perrin Asphalt Company
Amount:  $ 1,767,594.57

The annual road program is a maintenance program providing overlays to extend the life of the pavement.  The following streets are included in this year’s program:

Block 1:  Ethan’s Green Subdivision – Burton Drive, Gardner Court, Appleby Lane, Bierce Circle, Merino Lane, Zenas Court, Brighton Circle & Framingham Lane:  Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt pavement repairs, concrete curb & storm basin repairs, miscellaneous other work and asphalt resurfacing. Block No.1 Construction Notice

Block 2:  Parkland Drive, Forest Lake, Primrose Circle, Brookhill Circle, Springwood Circle & Belmeadow Drive: Full width asphalt grinding/asphalt resurfacing, asphalt pavement & concrete curb repair & storm basin repairs. Block No. 2 Construction Notice

Block 3: Gettysburg Drive South, Ravenna (Square Area) & Repairs, Cannon Road, Cross Street/Connotton Avenue/Depot Street: Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt pavement & concrete curb repair, storm basin repairs, miscellaneous other work and asphalt resurfacing.  Block No. 3 Construction Notice

Block 4:  Liberty Park: Asphalt pavement grinding/asphalt resurfacing in parking lot and drives at Liberty Park on Liberty Road.

Block 5: Chamberlin Trail, Jennifer Drive & Bridget Lane (Andrew to End):
Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt pavement repairs, concrete curb & storm basin repairs, asphalt resurfacing and remove/replace temporary turn-a-round at end of Bridget. Work on Chamberlin Trail will consist of remove/replace existing asphalt pavement.
Block No. 5 Construction Notice

Block 6: Waywood Drive (Van Oaks to Meadowood Blvd.) Chestnut Trail & Parkview Drive: Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt pavement repairs, concrete curb & storm basin repairs, miscellaneous other work and asphalt resurfacing. Block No. 6 Construction Notice

2016 Roadway & Sewer Improvements in Rolling Acres Subdivision

Construction:  April 2016  – October 2016
Contractor:  Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Company
Amount:  $2,160,000.00

The work included in this project generally includes the replacement of 8” sanitary sewer main and laterals, storm sewer and lateral replacement, pavement removal and replacement, underdrain, concrete apron and sidewalk repairs, and lawn restoration on Laurel Drive, Concord Circle, Greenway Drive, Mortus Drive, and Sewer Easements in Rolling Acres Subdivision No. 4.   Public Meeting Notice   Construction Notice No.1

2016 Roadway Striping Project

Construction:  July 2016  – August 2016
Contractor:  J.D. Striping & Services, Inc.
Amount:  $ 57,386.50

This project consists of re-painting existing traffic lane lines, stop bars, cross walks, lane arrows, and other pavement markings throughout the City.

Sum-91-21.11 Darrow Road Widening from Post Road to Glenwood Drive


This project consists of a combination full depth reconstruction, widening and resurfacing of approximately 0.73 miles along SR91 (Darrow Road) from Post Road north through the Glenwood intersection.  The project includes curbs, sidewalks, and a modern roundabout at the SR91 and Glenwood Drive intersection. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation will be administering and performing all construction inspection for this project.  This project has been awarded to Karvo Paving Company for $4,745,581.52 and will continue through summer of 2016.

Tentative Schedule:

Engineering will continue to post a traffic advisory every two weeks for planned work.  Inclement weather will delay and extend schedule.

•   March 21st – Start excavation for widening on east side between Post and Glenwood  (3 months)

•   March 21st – continue utility work in the vicinity of the intersection SR91/Glenwood (Limit movement          onto EB Glenwood – WB traffic maintained)

•   Mid April – Temp Pavement SR91 at Glenwood Intersection

•   Late April close EB Glenwood mid June for pavement reconstruction of new intersection (Detour Posted     using Liberty- Post Road-Darrow)  Detour Map-Glenwood East 

•   Mid June close WB Glenwood Early Aug for pavement reconstruction of new intersection (Detour Posted     using Ravenna-Miktarian-Darrow)  Detour Map-Glenwood West


•   Mid June working on West Side SR91 between Post and Glenwood (3 months)

•   Install surface course of Asphalt, Pavement Markings and signage

•   Complete restoration/landscaping

•   Completion: November 2016

2016 City-Wide Tree Planting Program

Installation:  March 2016  – December 2016
Contractor:  Aaron Landscaping, Inc.
Amount:  $68,666.00

The 2016 City-Wide Tree Planting list has been compiled by the Engineering Department. 

If you have a tree lawn tree issue please contact the Service Department at 330.963.6212.

2016 Ravenna Rd Curb & Sidewalk Improvements Project

Proposed Construction:  May 2016  – September 2016
Status:  On Hold - No Bidders   
Engineer's Estimate:  $ 469,000.00

The 2016 Ravenna Road Sidewalk project will start to fill gaps in missing sidewalk on the southwest side of Ravenna Road.  This project includes installing concrete sidewalk, concrete curb & gutter, storm sewer and appurtenances, curb drain, asphalt pavement removal and replacement, apron replacement, lawn restoration and miscellaneous work on Ravenna Road, (southwest side) between Twinsburg RB Chamberlin Middle School and Gettysburg Drive.
Corbett's Farm (Pulte Development)
Corbett Farm construction began in October 2013 and it is anticipated to be constructed in three phases. Phase 1 consists of 37 lots with the entrance off Glenwood Drive across from Terrace Drive. Sanitary sewer, waterline and storm sewers are currently being installed and tested. In February, Pulte will begin construction of a model home on Scenic View Drive near the entrance off Glenwood Drive. Also to be constructed in this first phase is an extension of Corbett's Lane which will connect to an extension of Meadowood Blvd. The connection of Meadowood Blvd and Parkview Drive is anticipated to occur during phase 2 construction. 

Cornerstone Business Park
Improvements continue at Cornerstone Business Park with the construction of Fed-X and a multi-tenant commercial building.  Cornerstone Parkway will be a dedicated street constructed in 2015 and will connect SR82 with Chamberlin Road.  A future signalized intersection will be installed at Cornerstone and SR82 by the developer.

Fox Hollow Subdivision
Planning Commission approved a preliminary plat for residential subdivision in R-5 district consisting of 24 lots. The Fox Hollow site is located adjacent to the Whitewood Apartments and accessed from Whitewood Parkway.  Army Corp permit and Wetland Delineation approved by Federal agencies requiring  tree cutting to occur in March in order to be “BAT” friendly. 

Boulder Brook Subdivision
Planning Commission approved a preliminary plat for residential subdivision in R-5 district consisting of 27 lots. Boulder Brook is to be accessed from a cul-de-sac intersecting Darrow Road at Miktarian Memorial Parkway.  The Developer will be requesting final approval in the coming months and anticipates to be under construction later this summer.

OHIO Turnpike

Portage County (Streetsboro to Shalersville) Pavement Replacement

Eastbound and westbound Ohio Turnpike will encounter a traffic pattern with a contraflow lane reversal and reduced speed limits in early May through Nov. 11, while crews remove and replace the original base pavement in the eastbound right and center lanes between mileposts 186.3-191.3 in Portage County. Eastbound customers wishing to exit the Ohio Turnpike at Exit 187 (Streetsboro/I-480/SR 1 4) must use the right-most lane prior to the contraflow work zone to access the toll plaza. Drivers in the left lane will not be able to use the exit because of the concrete barrier.

Start date: May, 2016

Estimated Completion: November 12, 2016

First set of Notification Signs located 2 miles before the traffic split.

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