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Traffic Pattern Change on SR91 Darrow Road / Glenwood Drive

The State Route 91/Glenwood roundabout is scheduled to fully open on December 9, 2016.  
This opening will allow full access to cars traveling in all directions.  

It’s important to remember, traffic approaching the roundabout must slow down and yield until there is a safe gap before entering the roundabout. Sometimes, yielding will require coming to a complete stop. Drivers that are already in the roundabout have the right of way and should not stop while circulating in the roundabout. As a result, drivers approaching the roundabout should be prepared to stop in a similar manner to a four-way stop. Before entering the roundabout, drivers must look left to determine if there is a safe gap prior to entering.

Here are a few key things to remember about driving roundabouts:
-Slow down 
Roundabout ahead, 15 MPH

-Choose a lane 
Right lane if turning right, left lane if turning left.

-Yield to drivers in the roundabout
Look left for traffic already in the roundabout.  That means you may need to stop prior to entering the roundabout!!

-Stay in your lane; do not change lanes
Pick a lane prior to entering the roundabout.  Right lane if turning right, left lane if turning left. 

-Do not stop in the roundabout
The car in the roundabout has the right of way.  That means once you have yielded and successfully entered the roundabout you have the right of way to go around.

-Avoid driving next to oversized vehicles
The roundabout is designed for oversized vehicles however, it is best to give them room and not enter with a semi-truck or ride next to it.

-Proceed to your exist
Turn signals should be used. A Right turn signal lets the driver approaching the roundabout know you are exiting, which allows them to enter.

Traveling West on Glenwood Approaching SR91
Traveling East on Glenwood Approaching SR91
Traveling North on SR91 Approaching Glenwood
Traveling South on SR91 Approaching Glenwood

SR91-Darrow Road (from Edison Blvd to "The Square")

Dominion East Ohio Gas continues installing a 12” pressurized gas line on SR91-Darrow Road from Edison Blvd to “The Square” (includes portions of SR82/Church Street/Ravenna Rd). 
Night work will begin November 17th.  Traffic will be maintained by flaggers and will include lane closures.  
This project is scheduled to be complete by mid-December, weather permitting.
Warren Parkway

Dominion East Ohio Gas continues working in the area of Warren Parkway to replace service lines at
Warren Parkway Condominiums.  This work will impact some sidewalks in the vicinity.  

This project is scheduled to be complete by mid-December. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding this project you may contact Dominion East Ohio at 1-800-544-5768.

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